What is a top-level domain (TLD) | Top level domain list

What is a top-level domain (TLD)  | Top level domain list

If you have already secured your web hosting and have purchased your domain, then it is likely that you already have a top-level domain. Still, you might be wondering what exactly is a top-level domain?

Below we dive into the purpose of top-level domains. A hierarchy of domain names and some of the most common top-level domain extensions go in.

What is a top-level domain?

A top-level domain is the last portion of the domain name. They are also known as domain suffixes. This is the section that follows the last “dot” in your URL. Top-level domains are broken down into two different categories, country-specific top-level domains, and general top-level domains.

Top-level domains help identify some website elements, such as the type of business, country of origin, whether it’s a government site, a school website, and more. Directions for top-level domains were very strict, However, in 2010, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) relaxed their guidelines, when it came to generic top-level domains and company trademarks.

Common top-level domain extensions

There are many types of extensions you can choose on your business style or organization, while others may be purely for entertainment. It is important to choose a domain extension that is aligned with your business. We highlight the most common below:

Common Top Level Domains

.com (used for various purposes, but is used mostly for online businesses)
.edu (commonly used for educational institutions)
.net (used for a wide variety of reasons for personal projects from online companies)
.org (commonly used for nonprofits)
.co (Used For Companies)
.biz (used for company name)

There are also field-specific domains, which are called country-code top-level domains (ccTLD), such as .co.uk (United Kingdom), .au (Australia), .de (Denmark), .fr (France). even more. Take a look at this Wikipedia article for the complete list.

Creatives Top Level Domains

.tv (used for video-related projects or online television shows).
.me (used for personal branding related projects).
.expert (Used to express your authority in a specific niche).
. Guru (similar to above).
.io (commonly used for technology-related companies).
.name (used for sites placed around one person).

Restricted top-level domains

.Post (used for the post office).
.gov (used for various government sectors and resources).
.mil (used for military-related websites).
.Museums (used by museums and related industries).
.aero (used by the aerospace industry).

The top-level domain you choose will tell a lot about your business. So far, the most common top-level domain is .com, but you are free to select the extension that is most aligned with your website

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