How to Start Blog? – Complete Guide for Beginner’s

How to Start Blog? – Complete Guide for Beginners. How do you start a blog for beginners it’s the main problem. but in this article, you will get Complete Guide for Beginner’s to start a Blog.


How to Start Blog? – Complete Guide for Beginner’s

If you are on this website and this post, that means you want to start a blog. That’s a good idea and really great thinking so the first question which comes in into your mind is

how do you start? There’s a lot of information on the web, and everyone is asking you to do different things. Whom do you listen to? How you will know he is right or not? Where you should start?

Maybe you are thinking that you should forget it – it’s very confusing!

Well, wait. I also used to be a fresher in the field of blogging too I had the same problem. I started my blog and I did not know anything about blogging. In fact, it was only a week before I came to know what the blog was.

Now I know a lot more as compared to earlier – I get more unique visitors per month, you should never give up, always listen and learn When it comes to building your own blog. I am not a master of any kind, but I certainly know some of the basics.

I promise that it will be very simple and definitely easy to understand

ok Lest get started


Why you should create your own blog and join the blogging community

So, to start I’m going to do the same thing to you, that you have to set up your own blog to get started. Before we take a dip in it, I really want to talk about why you should make a blog.

Blogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways of spreading information and spreading news and information. In fact, there are millions of blogs online (you do not worry, you can make your stand at a good noticeable place).
This is a great way to express yourself to others and share information with them.
The main reason? You can make huge money (which you can’t even think of beginning) by doing it!
I’m sure you knew all already, but it’s good to be reminded.

Steps covered in this blogging guide

Nowadays it is not difficult to create a website because no coding is required. What mainly required is a good mindset, good tecqunices and great in-depth knowledge about the topic rest all is managed easily.

How to Start a Blog in 6 Steps:

To start a blog, you have to take six major steps. If you follow this guide properly, then your own blog will be set in 60 minutes or less.

1) How to pick a domain name for your blog
2) Choose the best blog platform
3) Choosing the best web hosting service
4) How to set up a blog with your own domain name
5) How to Design your blog
6) Blogging tools for beginners

So, we’ve made it. Oh, is that so. Better late than never! Therefore, without further ado, jump into step 1.

Step 1 – How to pick a domain name for your blog

The First Question which comes to your mind is

What is a domain? and the right answer is

A domain is a name consists of two parts that is the name followed by the extension.

For example, with – ddtechnews is the name and .com is the extension.

when you have decided the perfect niche for your blog, then the thing left is to pick the perfect domain.

This is the most important and crucial step in your blogging journey.

take your time

Picking your domain is like choosing your another name for a lifetime because in future you will be known by that

It needs to be unique, easy to remember, perfect and available.

This is not so hard but not so easy too, take your time and if you are done move to Step 2

Step 2 – Choose the best blog platform

Choosing where you want to make a blog is the very first thing you have to do. I’m going to take a leap and you’ve heard about WordPress, and this is the platform I advocate. It’s massive.

It is one of the largest blogging platforms in the world, which has numerous plugins and add-ons, and in almost every way there are infinite ways to design and layout your blog.

Originally WordPress = There are more than 82 million active users.


However, there are other options, and they are listed below:

Blogger – Definitely the next best thing in WordPress
Tumblr – Social cum Blog and very simple to use.
WordPress is much bigger than them (and probably better), here are my reasons why you should still go with WordPress:

Super easy set-up and free to use
Tons of free themes and layouts (I’m not kidding, there are gazillions).
If you get stuck, then there is a big support forum (if you need it, it’s good)
Your blog will be fully populated and it will also look at the functionality and the look!
People can talk to you easily. Your content can be shared, commented, and so on.
Here is an article about various blogging platforms (including WordPress), read it:

How to Choose a Blogging Platform

Now, step 2 (see, we are moving fast now!)

Step 3 – Choosing the best web hosting service

Wow, slow down there! Before we make any other decision, this is the biggest decision. You need to decide whether to pay for your blog or to grab it for free.

WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger provide free blogs for anyone. Excellent, right? This is perfect for those who are not super serious about blogging. But this is a fall:

1) You will not be able to get your own domain name

On a free blog, your blog’s web address (your URL) will be butt-wrong. Like, really ugly. In essence, create a free blog with any of the above other free blog services and it will look like this:

2) Limits and more limitations

There are some limitations to free the blog. You can not monetize it completely, and you are not likely to upload all the videos and images that you want to show to everyone – all this is limited. Even worse, you do not even have access to free themes offered by WordPress.

3) You have not created your blog

It may seem silly at first, but you do not really create your blog. It is hosted on someone else’s web property and if they want it can be removed. They did this in the past and will continue to do in the future. Which means that all your hard work on blogs, all those countless hours of writing a blog post have been disappeared within seconds. Sad …

On the other hand, with a self-hosted blog on your own domain name – you’re the real owner of your blog. You can name your blog as you like, for example, “” or “”. You can end it with .com, .uk, .net, .org,.co, or virtually any other web suffix which are available. Add that unlimited bandwidth for video, images and content and free themes and you have a winning combo.

So how much it costs for hosting and a domain name? Fortunately, not as much as you are thinking. It usually works around $ 5 to $ 10 per month, depending on your hosting provider, which has less than one coffee.

If you still have questions, here’s some more information to look for:

Should I choose a non-hosted blogging platform or hosted?

Step 4 – How to set up a blog with your own domain name

I am going to move forward on the basis of the WordPress you chose, and if you do not want to, then you should do it. Seriously, this is the best.

If you are still a bit confused with self-hosted blogs, then allow me to explain and how you can go about getting one for yourself.

You will also need to come up with a domain name of your choice and also choose a hosting company that can host your blog.

Domain: Domain is the URL of your website originally. Example: (is domain), (is a domain). See? easy!
Hosting: Hosting is basically a company that puts your website on the Internet so that everyone else can see it. Everything will be left over there. Assume it as a computer hard disk on the Internet where your blog will be saved.

Disclosure: I recommend using Namecheap web hosting.

Personally, I use the Namecheap web hosting (for my blog domain and hosting), and I have not found anything other than good things to say about it.

This is probably the provider of the cheapest (less than $ 3 per month) hosting provider. The cost of a domain name will be approximately 8-10 dollars per year, but with the host, they will throw it for 50% free for the first year.

That’s Nice

Namecheap web hosting I use for all my blogs, in which you are just reading.

If for any reason you do not want to go with the Namecheap web hosting, then feel free to choose your own hosting company. Most of them have their admin panel having a “one-click” WordPress install facility.

WordPress will automatically install on your blog.

You just have to sign up with Just Host (or your chosen provider), choose your hosting plan and a domain name and search the one-click WordPress install button on the admin panel.

WordPress Essentials are not often necessary, but I recommend that WhatsAppSp privacy (which will keep all your personal details private) and definitely automatic backup (which will save your website if anything fails or disappears So you will not lose to anyone or very little on your blog).

Start a blog with Just Host today and get an exclusive discount plus free domain name for 1 year.

Once WordPress is installed on your website, all you have to do to start blogging is to go to your WP-Admin page, usually, start by writing and adding a new post Please.

In the beginning, The layout seems misleading, but it can be understood very quickly. don’t worry!

Step 5 – How to Design your blog

Now, a little bit of fun.

Let’s see your blog how you want it. To choose a new theme, you can either go to Appearance> Themes and install a free WordPress theme or you can visit premium theme website like and buy a theme for around $ 40.

I usually choose something that looks professional and very easy to adapt to. This awesome feature is also in WordPress that allows you to change themes with just a few clicks. So if you get tired of your current blog template, then you can switch to each other without losing any valuable content or images.


Remember, the design of your blog should reflect both of you and your personality, but also what the blog is about. If your blog is about tennis, then there is no point in having a football-centric topic, understand?

On top of it, it should be easy to navigate if you want people to stick around. If it is difficult and it is difficult to wander around it, then people can not stop Eventually design is a subjective art; Meaning everyone likes different things.

But none of the ugly websites like, and they especially hate websites that require a university degree to navigate. Make it easy for them.

To read more, I’ve put together 3 blog posts about designing your blog. Feel free to check them through.

Blog design: Keep it chaotic and user-friendly
Advice for blog design and blog goals
Is there any software I can use to make my graphics, buttons, and banners?
last stage! Woo!

Step 6 – Blogging tools for beginners

Bloggers come in the blogging area with different degrees of online and social media experience, but all of us have made more than some newbie mistakes – there is always a place for more learning and improvement, whether you are for a start or You’re blogging for years

When these articles come to your first blog, then some can help you avoid increasing pain – Enjoy!


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If you are stuck with some unfortunate circumstances or have a question about how to create a blog, just stay in touch with me or leave a comment below. I will help you deal with any problem.

Enjoy your new blog!