What is NameCheap Hosting | Web Hosting

What is NameCheap Hosting | Web Hosting

Namecheap was founded back in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall.

Namecheap is a leading domain name registrar and hosting company.

In the last 18 years, they allegedly racked three million customers.

The name of the domain name Namecheap is the name, more than seven million in their control.

But here's the thing:

We have seen this story first; Hosting is good at AX, so they take advantage of deep pockets for their brand name and new service wi muscle. It does not necessarily mean that they do not have any good in it.


So what's the deal with Namecheap?
Are they able to replicate the success of their domain name in a new area? Or are they just doing business in their own name? (Re: definitely intended.)
We decided to find out. We have signed up for their hosting service, bought the least expensive plan, and even set up a test website which you can see here.
Then, we used to get detailed performance statistics such as uptime and speed. You can watch it here.

But first, note some of the best Namecheap properties:


NameCheap Hosting Professionals

NameCheap is strong with additional planning features like a free domain name, migration, and backup.
Here are the full details:

1) Free Domains and Migration

Excel on Namecheap domain name So it only makes sense that if you sign up for their hosting plan, they will throw it happily.
If you already have the website set up somewhere else, they will also help you to move your service for free.
kinda sorta. We will come back to this in the opposition section below.


2) 30-day money-back guarantee

Namecheap offers a rock-solid money-back guarantee. You have got a full month to see if their service is right for you. Otherwise, it is not too late to back it up and make some other efforts.

3) Fully Loaded Value Plan

We have reviewed many web hosts so far.

And for everyone, we usually sign up for the basic plan to set up our job website.

The reason is double:

We want to base these reviews on actual data and performance data.

Most hosting bases of each hosting company are fairly similar.

In other words - this allows us to compare apples (for the most part) to apples. Each shared offer is quite similar, offering similar features on each.

Namespace surprised us, however.

First of all, they offered unconditional bandwidth on their cheapest plan. They give you access to standard features like cPanel access and apps like WordPress.

His most affordable plan includes a free SSL certificate for the first year. (Read: After that year, you will have to pay.)

You get a backup twice a week, just as if updating your new site things get bogged down.

The best part about their cheap offer is that you get 50 MySQL databases (which is more than the same offer offered by most companies on similar tires).

Also, you can install three websites on this plan. Most base-level hosting plans allow you to host only one website. If you have many sites, such as a business and a personal

They also give you 50 email addresses just outside the gate.

It can add huge cost savings over time.

4) Third-party reviews are excellent

We always like to get a pulse from existing customers to ensure that each review is not based on our own isolated experience.

I agree:

We were pleasantly surprised at some of the reviews of online customers.

For example, they have a solid 4.6-star rating in Shopper's Review. Based on approximately one million reviews.

Nominal Review on "Shopper Approved"


This early scene encouraged us

We already liked seeing 'additional' scheme features that they would throw in free (which most other companies charge you).

So we were excited to run the test site up and running. See more performance statistics.


Unfortunately, the results which were not motivational were they.

 Here's why:

Namespace Hosting Terms

When considering the new web host, we see three major categories:

Uptime: Can this host keep my site alive for a long time?

Speed: Can it provide a good experience for the host visitors so that they want to come back?

Support: And can this host help me when things get out of control?

Unfortunately, the namespace dropped the ball into three areas.

Take a look for yourself.

1) Poor Upliftment - 99.88%

NayPac gave 100% upstream in our first month of signing. It gives us great excitement that what we have to do.

But things got worse since then.

The next few months were far below the industry average, eventually, only 99.876% were produced. It is not bad on the surface. However, keep in mind that it equals one hour of downtime every month.

What if that downtime was to happen during a busy sale season? You are looking at tons of potentially lost revenue.

Here is the month-to-month comparison:

The average uptime for the last 16 months:

December 2017 average uptime: 99.83%

January 2018 Average uptime: 99.85%

February 2018 Average uptime: 99.78%

March 2018 Average uptime: 99.94%

April 2018 Average uptime: 99.94%

May 2018 Average uptime: 99.94%

June 2018 Average uptime: 99.89%

July 2018 Average uptime: 99.84%

August 2018 Average uptime: 99.80%

September 2018 average uptime: 99.95%

October 2018 average uptime: 99.84%

November 2018 average uptime: 99.61%

December 2018 average uptime: 99.53%

January 2019 average uptime: 99.56%

February 2019 average uptime: 99.97%

March 2019 average uptime: 99.79%

Namecheap statistics for 16 months

Click here to know full uptime and load time statistics.

2) Slow Load Time

After uptime, the second most important criterion is speed. This is an important reason that the speed has been directly linked to visitor joy.

 Google recently found that if your page takes up to six seconds to load, then the probability of someone's jumping increases by more than 100%.

 Page Load Time Is Important

So yes, you need your site to survive. If that site is slow, then it is almost as bad. Your site may be down because people are going in the drafts.

Namecheap is capable of posting an average page speed of 942ms in the last ten months only. This number is more than twice as fast as our other favorite hosts like A2 Hosting and Hostgator Cloud.

If they had a bad month that pulled the average down, we could ignore it. Not so here.

Namecheap started slowly when we signed up and got better recently. The last four months have been promising, but it is still slower than the top class.

Here are the details:

The average speed of the last 16 months:

December 2017 average speed: 905ms

Average speed of January 2018: 1,127ms

Average speed of February 2018: 1,297ms

Average speed of March 2018: 1,299ms

Average speed of April 2018: 1,303ms

Average speed of May 2018: 1,117ms

Average speed of June 2018: 590ms

Average speed of July 2018: 559ms

August 2018 Average speed: 662ms

Average speed of September 2018: 559ms

Average speed of October 2018: 513 ms

Average speed of November 2018: 608 ms

Average speed of December 2018: 746 ms

Average speed of January 2019: 692 ms

Average speed of February 2019: 709 ms

Average speed of March 2019: 632 ms

3) Lackluster customer support

Namecheap has very good FAQ (FAQ) platforms. It contains detailed answers that help solve the most common problems you run.

lack of Namecheap customer support 

We also like to try live chat to feel for their service.

With quick connections from a friendly support representative, things started very well.

When she was unable to help me, she moved me to the 'concierge' department.

Poor customer support

Overall, I love the idea of a 'concierge' department in a company. You know - like a high manager in a hotel who is able to help you personally with almost any request. 

But this did not really happen during this conversation.

Instead, the second 'concierge' representative basically copy-pastes a Knowledge Base article for me: https://www.namecheap.com/support/knowledgebase/article.aspx/876/83/how-to-transfer -a-domain-to-goDaddy

It was annoying for some reasons:

For the start, I was not asking for clarification of the process. I was asking if they are serving for me? It's a very common thing that most web hosts will be happy to assist you.

Second, how is it remotely close to "concierge service"? They are just throwing a link to me and telling me to understand it for myself.

And third - why do many representatives of my life and 10 minutes for this solution?

The whole experience left me, to be honest.

This exchange did not leave me with much confidence - if my site went down and I had to rely on my customer support team to drive me out, where should I go?

NameCheap Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Facts

Here's a quick review of the latest hosting plans offered by NameCheap:

NameCheap Hosting Plan 2018

NameCheap Hosting Plan

Stellar: The initial plan gives you the convenience of without bandwidth to three websites for $ 15.44 / month in the first year it's 50% off.

Stellar Plus: The second plan raises the disk space for no more than $ 26.44 / month in the first year it's 50% off.

Business SSD: In the biggest scheme of NameCheap, the SSD disk space is 50GB, which is enough for 10 websites and all this comes with only $ 49.44 / month in the first year it's 50% off. 

Free domain?: Yes, the first year is free.

Ease of signup: Easy signup process

Methods of payment: Credit card, Paypal, Daurola, and bitcoin.

Hidden clauses and fees: There are two important things to keep in mind:

"This offer is available only for new hosting purchases. The promotional value is valid for the first 12 months on annual payments, after which the hosting service will be renewed at regular rates as shown in the package specs. Renewal/downgrade will be done at full renovation value. "

"Unmixed disk space is offered with our final package. This disk space is intended solely for your website, not for other storage purposes. "

Upsells: Some ups and downs in the way.

Account Activation: Fast account activation.

Control Panel and Dashboard Experience: cPanel.

Installation of applications and CMS (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): 1-Installation Tool to easily install popular apps and CMS.

Do we recommend nomination?



He started well. Existing clients seem to like them, and the fact that their most inexpensive scheme is more favorable than most other companies' upper-level people.

Despite this, the fact is that your renewal rate will exceed 300%, it is hard for the stomach. In particular, when you consider bad uptime, constant slow pace, and frontline lazy customer support.

There are many good options that provide better service for the same price (or less after the first year).

Take a look at our best performing hosts to find the name NameCheap option.

If you don't know how to host a website Click here

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Do you have any positive or negative experiences with hosting NameCheap? If so, honestly leave a comment below!

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