Top GB Whatsapp features you should know

Top GB WhatsApp features you should know

Hello Friends! Welcome to your ddtechnews blog. So in this article today we are going to talk about the features of GB WhatsApp. What are these GB WhatsApp and how are their features right for our use. So stay tuned in this blog. About GB WhatsApp Features

● What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has become a basic unit of our life. People do not get tired of chatting on WhatsApp from getting up in the morning to sleeping at night. Everyone from children to grown ups use WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a social media platform. 

This app is Android Is available on Playstore and Appstore for iOS. This app is used most in the world. With the help of this app we can do many kinds of things like message chatting, media sharing. Now their Maybe new option introduced called UPI in WhatsApp is going to come. WhatsApp Pay This feature then into the beta version, you may have to wait some time for it.

● What is GB WhatsApp?

Above we just read about WhatsApp. But now we will learn about GB WhatsApp. Now people want to use more and more technology. So let me tell you that this GB WhatsApp is also a type of Hi-Tech WhatsApp. We are calling it Hi-Tech because this GB WhatsApp also works like that WhatsApp. But the technology has been coded in this code. This technology means features.

GB WhatsApp has been created by some developers by customizing the official WhatsApp. In the official WhatsApp, you do not get any special features. Just like a normal working messenger, but in this GB WhatsApp that is customized by the developers. There are so many features in it that the users are instantly liked. These features are very useful. I will give you a detailed description of all these features in detail below. Gonna tell

This GB is not available on WhatsApp Playstore or Appstore. Because Google considers it illegal. Maybe you will know that Facebook has bought WhatsApp. Now if WhatsApp is copied and brought to market then it is a violation of rules. Its features have won the hearts of users. 

People are riding the ghost of GB WhatsApp. Nothing is seen illegal and illegal in front of GB WhatsApp. With that I will tell you how to download this GB WhatsApp easily. TE will cover all the phases advantages and disadvantages not inconsequential things in this article.

● GB WhatsApp Version Update

If you use a smartphone, then you must have shown an update in your phone as well as you have also updated your phone. But now we will know about the version update of this GB WhatsApp. When the official WhatsApp is updated, you can go to the PlayStore Easily update. But this GB WhatsApp is not available on Playstore. So how do we update it.

Let me tell you that whenever you get an update on your GB WhatsApp, it will be notified on your WhatsApp. Whenever you open your WhatsApp, you will see the option of download or update. You can click on it directly on the official website of GB WhatsApp. Will go. From that you will get a link to the latest version of it and you can easily update it.

Now comes the reason why this update comes in this GB WhatsApp. So you will know that every day some feature is being launched. So to reach that feature to us, you have to meet this update. Developers also add some new features. So you get an update notification. Just by updating it, you add that feature to your GB WhatsApp.

● Latest GB WhatsApp Features

So till now you have learned a lot about GB WhatsApp in this article. Now I will tell you about the latest features of this GB WhatsApp. So keep reading below.


You must have used this mod to shut down your services. But we are talking about GB WhatsApp. Let me tell you that this feature is completely up front in GB WhatsApp. This feature is called Wi-Fi. Like. Whenever you click on it, the internet connection is disconnected from your WhatsApp, so that you do not get any kind of WhatsApp notification. If you want to enable it again, then you have to click on this Wi-Fi. So your GB WhatsApp again Area will work.

Status Download Feature

This is also a very special feature of this WhatsApp. You get a status option in WhatsApp. Your friend or you have uploaded videos and photos. Many times you have to download some photos. But you don't have to download in official WhatsApp. But if you use GB WhatsApp, you get the download button while viewing that status. So you can easily download.

Auto Reply Massage

This GB Whatsapp has many special features. One of which is the Auto Reply Massage Feature. We can use it when we are very busy. If you enable it, then your friends message anything, An auto reply will run. And you can write that auto reply as you like. Whatever you write in auto reply will go to your friends.

Anti-Revoke Feature

This feature is special for all users. Because it is needed by everyone. You will know that there is a new feature in WhatsApp to delete every one. With the help of this, you can easily delete the sent file. So it must have happened to you as well. You must have deleted something by sending something. And you are wondering what was sent. But when you enable this Anti-Revoke Feature, whenever you delete a file and send it to you, Delete Will not happen, anyone who deletes will see that it has been deleted.
Use More Fonts & Change Theme

By the way, you cannot customize official WhatsApp much.

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