What is a Sitemap and How to Create one For Your Blog

What is a Sitemap and How to Create one For Your Blog

What is a sitemap, and How to Create a sitemap For Your Blog? Why is it essential to make it for a blog or website? Are you also surrounded by all these questions? If yes, today I am going to clear all your Doubt and will explain in detail why you should create a sitemap for the blog and What are its benefits, types of sitemaps as well as I am going to tell you how to generate it, so let's first know what is Sitemap?

What is a Sitemap and How to Create one For Your Blog

What is the Sitemap of a Website?

In simple words, the Sitemap is the structure of your blog or website. Yes, just like any object has its different structure, just like it is the structure of the site in which you have all the information of the blog, such as - Page, Post, Images, Video contains files information.

With this help, Google's Bot (Spider) makes it easy to know about everything on your blog. If you have created and submitted a sitemap to Google, it helps to index your posts quickly because Crawler gets to know with the help of sitemaps.

When you have updated which post or when you have published a new. Friends, the Sitemap is a main part of SEO, you must use it because the sooner the post index gets, the sooner It gets the chance to get into that search. You know what is Sitemap, now let us know what type it is.

What is Sitemap and Types?

Usually, there are two types of sitemaps, but there are also two parts of XML followed by three parts of the URL, but today we will learn about HTML and XML Sitemap, so let's start.

  • HTML (HyperText Markup Language) Site map

  • XML (Extensible Markup Language) Site map

  • XML Site map

  • Index Site map

  • URL Site map

  • URL Site map

  • Image Site map

  • Video Site map

  • Web page Site map

What is an HTML Sitemap

It is a map of the website where you collect and keep all kinds of information about the blog or website, as well as remember its location, which makes it easy to find out about any particular website from millions of websites.
For example, when a teacher calls you from all the children of the school, then it is necessary to have this information that what is your name and your father's name, what class do you study, etc. It gives you a different identity in the same way here.

What is an XML Sitemap

An XML Site map is easier to understand than HTML by Search Engines because it helps them to understand all kinds of internal and external things on the website quickly. We make these, especially for search engines.
After reading the above, you must have understood why it is essential to create a sitemap.

Now let us know how to create a sitemap, in this post, I am going to tell you how to create a sitemap for Blogspot Blog, if your blog is on WordPress then you There you can create a sitemap very quickly, for this you have to go to Yoast SEO and click on the XML Sitemap.

How to create a sitemap

Creating a sitemap for Blogspot Blog is also not a difficult task. You can create it in two ways, first by using the Sitemap Generator Tool, and second is to go to Search Console, so let's first know how to generate it.

First Method

To generate a Sitemap, click on the Sitemap Generator.
Now enter the URL of your blog or website here. After that tick, the point is shown in Screenshot and click on Start Button.

Here the Sitemap of the blog has been prepared in front of you. Now you can copy this link and submit it to Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster tool.

Second Method

Sometimes even after generating a sitemap, Bing is not accepted in Webmaster. Therefore, I am also telling you another way. So that you do not have to worry more. For this, you have to go to the search console first. After that, go to your Dashboard and go to Sitemap.

Then click on the Submit Site map above and enter your blog URL (https://www.yoururl.com/sitemap.xml). Then test it by writing /sitemap.xml. If everything is fine, then retype it and submit it this time.
Congratulations! You have created a sitemap.


Friends, today, you know what are types of Sitemap and how to create a sitemap. But at the same time, it has also been validated from time to time. I hope. I would love this information given by you.

Still, you have a problem. So you can ask us by commenting. Together, share this post with your friends too. So that your friends also know about it. We meet you Then with another new information.

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