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How to Make Particle Intro In Kinemaster

Hi, friends welcome to ddtechnews, today I am going to show you how to make Particle Intro In Kinemaster on your mobile.

The software used mainly to create particle intro is Kinemaster. two more software are also used which are PixelLab and background eraser. their download links are also provided to you below.

How to Make Particle Intro In Kinemaster

First of all, you have to open the pixel lab and follow these steps.

Steps to follow in PixelLab

Open the Pixellab app in your mobile and select image size as a YouTube thumbnail. remove the background of that image and now change the background color to green. after that click on the text option And write whatever text you like. I am writing my YouTube channels name DD TECH NEWS.

Click on the spacing option and set it to 12 so that the alphabets look good. then adjust the size of the text by dragging it to match the image size. Now save this image as PNG.

Now Pixellab steps are complete close to this application and open background eraser app.

Step to  Follow in background eraser

Open Background Eraser application and click on load photo. select the photo you just save in the pixel lab application. Here click on the done option and after that click on the auto option so that layers are auto-selected by the application.

Now drag the round point on alphabets so that their backgrounds can be removed. Do this to all alphabets one by one. Now click on done and select the smoothness to 3 pt. and save the image.

Now open the Kinemaster application and follow the steps given below

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Steps to Follow in Kinemaster

Open the Kinemaster application and click on a new project and select the project ratio to 16:9. Select any background for your video and change its color to green and drag its size to 12 seconds.

Click on layers than on the media option and select the video file which you have downloaded by the link given below as Project file 1. Again click on layers than on the media option and select that image whose background has been removed by us and adjust its size so that it covers the video layer and all alphabets are shown clearly.

Now click on the export option and export this video in full HD

Next click on a new project and select project ratio to 16:9 and select Project file 2. Now click on layers than on the media option and select the video file which you have just exported. Click on the Chroma key option and enable it and now select video animation to wipe right and set its speed to 1.5 sec. Our video is complete now, Export it Full HD and enjoy it



Download Project Files Below

Download Project File 1

Download Project File 2

Download Kinmaster

Download PilelLab

Download Background Eraser 

We had provided you the best in this article if you were still not able to understand view our YouTube video given below. Do like comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel and Website.

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