How to Host a Website | Steps to Host a Website

How to host a website or what are Steps to Host a Website both queries will be solved in this article.

There are 4.45 billion people who access the Internet in the world and among them, few some of them will be ready to hear your voice.

But you know that already. This is the reason why you are looking for a web hosting service that can be the foundation of your killer website.

You are ready to promote your content, reach the public, and listen online!

But where do you start? How to host a website is really quite simple.

Here's a breakdown.

6 steps you need to host a website

When you come to host a website, we make you aware of six important things.

From a blog for e-commerce, to mix two ...

There are platforms to meet every need. Before you make the right choice, you need to know what you have to do.

1. Know what you want

There are some important things you need to answer before going on a hunt for your entire website host.

Ask yourself:

What kind of website am I creating?
How much do I expect to make my traffic big
Do you need your host to be able to run some software?
Does your host need to be enabled in any specific scripts such as PHP?
This will help you to choose between shared hosting, VPS hosting or dedicated hosting.

Most websites will be fine with the shared hosting service.

However, it does not always deduct for websites that are planning on a large scale in the first two years.

So do not think about now Also consider the long term life of your website.

2. Reliability or Reliability uptime score

You do not want a user to try to visit your site and find 'dangerous server'.

They probably will not come back!

This means that you need to consider the reliability of your web hosting service. It is also known as 'uptime score' in the tech world.

The score should be more than 99% and nothing less than is unacceptable. Most website hosting services will have 99.99% uptime scores in premium accounts.

You need to be credible to your website, that's why this score counts. It does not matter how fast it is to transform, if it's too fast, beautiful, or if your users can not see it.

3. Scale Options

Most of the websites hosting services will provide you with an option to host your level based on your needs.

This allows you to upgrade your website as well as upgrade. And your website can grow in many ways.

Would you like to consider:

How much traffic you want to get
The number of pages you create
The speed that you need to load your website
Other things also need to be considered. This is why when you want a web hosting service, you would like to:

Upgrading from Shared Hosting
Memory capacity with room grow
Disk storage
processing power
Memory capacity
Security features
Even if you do not need them now, you can be in the future. So keep them in mind while lifting the perfect web hosting service for your needs.

4. Renewal options and process

Be honest while paying for your web hosting service. When you initially sign up, then charges are often included which will be included in the renewal.

Read the fine print carefully.

When you first sign up for a web hosting service, you get a discount of about 80%.

And as long as you are not ready to switch between hosts every year - which can be a total pain - you would want to know that when the time of renewal comes, how much are you paying.

Before you can know, check the Terms of Service before hitting the button Buy button. If the price jumped more than 100%, then there is definitely a better deal there.

5. Website Type

When choosing a web hosting service, you will want to consider what type of website you are planning to make.

Is it going to be e-commerce?

a blog?

A mixture between the two?

When it comes to hosting a website, many platforms are great for some types of websites.

For the blog, you probably want to consider the WordPress hosting platform. There are many options but commonly used are GoDaddy and Bluehost.

You want to consider an e-commerce hosting platform for an online store. The most popular and reliable hosting platform for e-commerce include:

in motion

Many websites will mention hosting platforms that will blend both. We recommend that you check the Jaguar for your requirement.

Whatever you choose, make sure that it has the following features.

6. Features

In addition to things like analytics to monitor the success of your blog strategy, you want these features in your web hosting service.

One-click on installer
Chances are, you are not a programmer. You want the process of starting your website as easy as possible.

These establishments will make your life very easy and you will need very little effort.

FTP / SFTP File Access
It makes it so that you can easily and safely transfer files in large quantities.

Just like a plain old file manager does not do this. Before visiting the website hosting platform, make sure they will allow you to access this file.

Unlimited Storage and Data Transfer
This is the new standard for web hosting. If a platform is not doing this, then they are sometimes behind.

That being said, they both barely mean the average website owner. Images can be stored in other locations and the video can be hosted at other locations. And there are other solutions for big files.

For example, these days most people have Google Drive or Dropbox where they store important docs and big files.

But to keep yourself safe, keep unlimited space in your disk storage.

Next Step
Almost one billion websites are being hosted around the world ... is your next part?

Now that we have given you a way to host the website, you can go ahead and make it!

What kind of website are you making? Which website hosting platform would you choose?

If our articles are helpful do comment and visit our other articles too

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