How To Create Paytm Account

How To Create Paytm Account

Create Paytm Account - What is Paytm. How to create an account on Paytm? If you really have such questions in your mind. So today we create Paytm Account. So we are going to give full information about this in Hindi. Also, the simple process of opening an account is also going to be told. Because much information related to Paytm is available on the Internet today. But most of them are related to computers. But I am going to tell you how to create a mobile account.

What is Paytm?

Paytm is a kind of E-wallet. In which by adding money from the bank, you can do more important work besides Mobile Sim Recharge, DTH Recharge, Online Movie Ticket, Electricity Bill. But for this, you have to create a Paytm Account. By the way, the trend of Paytm has increased a lot in today's time. Because when demonetization took place in India on 8 November. Then more and more people started using Paytm to use bank deposits.

Although I have been using it for the last 5 years. When I first created an account on Paytm. Then I received ₹ 100 as reward. At that time most people were not even aware of Paytm. Therefore, whoever used to make a new account here. The company used to get free money. Although these offers are not available now. But there is definitely some money left on recharging with Paytm. Let's know how to create Paytm Pay Account?

But before creating Paytm Account, you will have to install Paytm App. Go to Google Play Store to install Paytm. Then search by typing Paytm in the Search Box here. Now click on the install button and download it. If you don't want to go to the play store. So you can install it by clicking on the download button given below. Download Paytm

How to Create Paytm Account?

Step 1

Once you install the app, open it. Here you will be asked to choose the language. Select a language as desired. The language in which you want to use the app. I am choosing English here.
You can also take help of Google and Facebook to create an account.
I believe you should create an account from your own mobile number.

Step 2

To create an account by number, click on the three horizontal lines above. Then click on the Creat New Account option.

Step 3

Now fill your mobile number and password here.
keep in mind! Password should be at least 8 digits long. If possible, make it even stronger (STRONG). For example - 123 @ XYZ

Step 4

After entering the number and password, check it thoroughly and tap on Creat a new Account.

Step 5

Now an OTP (One Time Password) code will appear on the given number. Go to the message box of the mobile, copy the code and type it in the app box and click on Done.

Congratulations! You have come to create a Paytm Account.


Now with the help of this account you can do all the necessary work. But for this you will have to add money to Paytm. Only then can you use E-Wallet to recharge. Friends, in today's post did you know what is Paytm? How to Create Paytm Account? How to Create Paytm Account in Hindi If you face any problem in creating Paytm Account here, then you can also write your question in the comment box.

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