What is the full form of ATM? - Know about ATM

What is the full form of ATM? - Know about ATM: What is the full form of ATM? - There is no such person today. Who does not know about the ATM machine, because in today's time it has become a necessity for all and even if the person does not want to use it.

The special thing about ATM machine is that through this you can withdraw money from your bank account from anywhere. For that, all you need is a debit card for your bank account. Which we also know by the name of ATM card. If you do not have your ATM card and your account is present in any bank, then go to the bank and demand an ATM card, then the bank gives you the ATM card in a few days.

What is the full form of ATM?

Along with using ATM CARD, you should also always be careful so that no fraud like incident happens to you. Nowadays, there are many people who do similar work, so whenever you go to withdraw your money from ATM, you always do all kinds of transactions process yourself, do not take help of anyone and if you You do not know how to use ATM.

So we can take help from the guard present there. But if you do not know how to withdraw money from ATM, do not worry, I have also told the process of withdrawing money in this post. So keep reading this post carefully so that you can know everything correctly and you can withdraw money without any help yourself.

What is ATM, Full Form of ATM

The full form of ATM is "Automated Teller Machine" which was invented by john shepherd Barron. Which very few people will know in today's time.

As everyone knows that we often use ATM machine to withdraw money and this has become an important requirement of people today but in today's time people also like to make online payment like UPI. Or by swipe machine, which both use ATM card.

Now you must be thinking that in swipe machine, we use our ATM debit card, but how in upi? So let us tell you that UPI is also an atm based payment system, which works in a real way, in which the details of your atm card are saved which is secured with upi pin and whenever you get someone from your upi address When you pay, your money is received through atm card only.

Who invented ATM or the history of ATM?

The ATM machine was invented in the year 1960 by john shepherd Barron. The ATM machine was first commercially used on 27 June 1967 at Berkeley's Bank, a London bank. Today the machine you know as ATM was known as Bankograph in 1960.

John shepherd Barron had made this machine in 1960 itself and he wanted everyone to use it openly. But have you thought why the password in the machine is of 4 digits? If you do not know, we will tell you.

By the way, john wanted to keep the password of this machine for 6 digits. But his wife used to have trouble remembering numbers, so his wife said that you keep its password of 4 digits. So that everyone is easy to remember. Therefore all the PASSWORDs of ATM are still 4 digits.

For the first time in our country India, ATM MACHINE was installed in Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation of Mumbai. But at that time it was not so popular and all the bank employees also had trouble in operating it, due to which it was not used so much and even there was doubt in the minds of the banks that keep this machine in the open somewhere. If given, anyone can run away with money.

For this reason also, atm machine was commercialized in India late. But today it has become a necessity for everyone and today you can see ATM MACHINE in any place outside the open, especially in markets.

How to get money out of ATM easily

If you do not come to withdraw money from ATM, then there is no need to worry about it, even today there are many people who have not been able to connect themselves with technology because either they do not have full knowledge about it or they People are afraid that something may go wrong due to which their money is not received by anyone else. So let's reduce your anxiety and tell you how you can easily withdraw your money using ATM.

  1. First of all, when you go in front of the ATM, there will be a place to insert the card on the right side where most of the green light is blinking.

  2. When you put the card in it, then you will be asked to choose the language on the screen, then select whatever language you know. I will ask you to select English only, but you can also choose Hindi.

  3. Now many options come in front of you, here you have to click on the option of cash withdrawal.
    If you have an option to choose an account in front of you, if you have a savings account, then click on it and if there is a current account (current account) then choose current. But if you use a simple account, then click on the option of saving account.

  4. Now enter the amount you want to withdraw here and click on confirm.

  5. You have to enter the password of your ATM card, which you get along with the card, in a secret envelope, enter the code which is four numbers.

  6. After following this process properly, now your money will come out.

What are the advantages of ATM

  1. You can withdraw your money from anywhere, even visa ATM card gives you the facility to withdraw international money.

  2. Nowadays, the latest ATM machine also has the facility to deposit money in your account.

  3. You do not have to go to the bank again and again.

  4. You can transfer money to someone else's account, directly from your account via ATM.

What precautions should not be avoided while using ATM

  1. Never share your ATM password with anyone.

  2. Do not share your cvv with anyone.

  3. If you do an online money transaction at any time, then in the URL above the website, make sure that HTTPS is written there and a green lock is also made, that means that the website is completely secure.

  4. If you transact money from any website, then make sure that it is an official website so that the value product is definitely available from your spent money.

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You learned through this post what is the full form of what ATM is (atm full form in Hindi) and who invented it. How can you withdraw money from ATM and what are its benefits and what precautions should you take.

Although atm has become the need of everyone today, but even today, there are some people in our country who still do not know how to use atm properly, which is why they often get into bad things. Due to which the accumulated capital of his life is stolen and later he has to face many troubles.

Even many times their money is not refunded. It is not that it happens only in the village, even in big cities, such incidents happen on the coming day. But now RBI has also provided security to you. If this ever happens to you, then if you inform your bank immediately, your chances of getting your money back are greatly increased.

Friends, I would advise you to never share any information related to your ATM with anyone, especially cvv number and password, because ATM companies give you this extra layer security only so that no third is easy. Do not be able to withdraw money from your ATM.

How did you like this information? Please tell us through the comment and also share this post with all friends so that if they do not know, then they too are aware and they should also be careful.

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